Verify Education Certificates.

Cisive is a leading and global screening provider that has been authorized by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to conduct background screening for prospective employees in Singapore.

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Cisive is a Leading and Global Background Screening Organization that has been authorized by The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore to:

  • Verify that credentials listed on an educational certificate are legitimate; and
  • Verify that the certificate is issued by an accredited institution.

Cisive can conduct background checks in any country and with any institution.

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Our Verification Services Include

Education Checks

  • Verify attendance, periods of enrollment, degree or diploma awarded, and graduation date.
  • All checks are verified through the institution’s Registrar and/or Administrator.
  • Any additional fees charged by professional organizations, universities and third parties will be payable in addition to the package price (additional fees can range from SGD 1).

Institution Accreditation Checks

  • We verify that the institution to be checked is first accredited by a recognized accreditation body and then conduct an education check.
  • Our accreditation check verifies that the institution is a legitimate and approved provider of the degree program and not a diploma or degree mill in disguise.


The pricing for conducting Education, Institution Accreditation and Identity Verification is SGD $80 (*inclusive of all these checks). For 1 more additional Education Check will be charged additional for SGD $55.

*The turnaround time for Education Checks is on average 15 business days with the exception of India and China based education checks.

Verification Process

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